Keep Your Eyes Open

I fell in love with Grace Goddington's work when I watched the documentary feature film The September Issue. She doesn't label herself as an artist but rather as part of a team of people helping the photographer tell a story. I love the way she lets her imagination run wild with a touch of discipline to create her fantasies and make them come true. Her job is a dream job...story-telling, styling, and creating for a living, I'll take a moment to *sigh*

I love how Eva Wiseman described Coddington in The Guardian "she looks raw and striking, a cloud of nectarine hair against paper-white skin. In person she is reminiscent of her most famous work – ambitious and sprawling, with moments of odd beauty and the ability to scare. I didn't quite know what to expect, going to interview Grace Coddington. Some people describe her as ferociously intimidating, others as gentle, maternal, "nice". All agree she is incredibly intelligent. All say she is a force."

I hope you like the portrait I made for her with her favorite Celine coat, though I know it's missing her lovely cats! 

Keep your eyes open. Keep watching, because whatever you see can inspire you
— Grace Coddington, Creative Director @ Vogue Magazine

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