The Artist's Wall: Lori DuBois

Dear Friends,

This week I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite abstract artists and I feel so fortunate to share her thoughts and beautiful creations with you. I love the way her artwork makes me feel. After you read, let's talk, tell me.. How does it make you feel? What emotions does it evoke from your experience?

I have a deep attraction to abstract art that passionately plays with movement, powerful colors, and the energy of timeless elements. This is exactly what Lori DuBois brings to her artwork. One of my muses and sources of inspiration is nature, and this is a common love shared between the artist and myself.

When I first saw Michael, Winds of Reason, and Merlot, I felt her artistic soul transcending through the canvas, melting the paint like multicolored wax and allowing them to come together in harmony. I could immediately sense her creative spirit playing in a realm of freedom, where artistic flow allowed a perfect balance between power and elegance. Her seascapes and abstract work visually show us how nature can be delicate and powerful at the same time.

I believe that the greatest part of observing works of art is trying to interpret the reasoning behind every stroke, chosen medium and color. Let's explore DuBoi's love affair with art and how she expresses herself on every canvas.

Lori, what are your thoughts on creative flow?

"To my canvas I relinquish all control in anticipation of a spontaneous transformation which assumes it's own identity. As I am engaged by the sweep of the brush, I am without sense of time or the world, as I know it. Each work a testament to imagination"

Could you tell us more about your creative process?

"Style and color spectrums are spontaneous and reflect passion for the freedom of creative response. I never know which direction the painting will take until it begins to take form and assume personality. Within each passage the intent is to engage emotion, curiosity and perspective"

What is your inspiration and how does the Reign of Camelot influence your work?

"I am drawn to the forces of strength and charm which exist in timeless connection within the world we know and the one imagined. My passion and artistic latitude reflect the influence of the reign of Camelot, depicting the timeless epitome of style, grace and intrigue. Similar to Arthur’s fabulous world in Camelot, every canvas serves less as a literal place, but more as a timeless universe bearing adventure and opportunity for personal interpretation."

Thank you Lori for sharing your work and creative process with us!

For more information on her artwork or direct contact please visit Lori Dubois- Camelot Art 

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Art, Peace, & Love <3

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